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Updated on 01.04.2021
Set up Steam under Debian without an installer

Run the non-Debian Steam installer completely as root? With these instructions no longer necessary!
Updated on 01.04.2021
Generate spectrograms with arecord, sox and ffmpeg/avconv

This article shows how spectrograms are generated from audio files under Linux. This is a particularly good method for comparing audio files.
Updated on 01.04.2021
Set the exif-date with exiftool

Reading out Exif data has already been explained in another article. This is about writing Exif data.
Updated on 01.04.2021
Transferring files with Netcat/nc

File transfer via Netcat. Simple, straightforward and, above all, very fast.
Updated on 01.04.2021
Convert images to a single video

Combine individual images into a complete video.
Updated on 01.04.2021
Download YouTube videos in high quality using youtube-dl

The main purpose of this article is to be able to watch offline videos on Youtube.
Updated on 01.04.2021
Browse SMB/CIFS shares under Linux with smbclient

This article can be used to determine whether CIFS shares can be reached at all. Also interesting for scripts or Nagios checks.
Updated on 01.04.2021
Test the IO performance of hard-disks/disks using Linux

Here it is shown how performance data of a storage device or a network connection (via NFS, CIFS, ...) can be obtained.
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