MSI Delta 15 under Debian Linux 11

Yes it’s possible! Using a MSI Delta 15 Notebook under Debian Linux.

The most works out of the box but some parts need a little work. Those parts are fan-control, rgb-keys and the backlight of the monitor.

In short terms:

  • Kernel 5.18, manually compiled with ec_sys enabled as module.
  • echo "100" > /sys/class/backlight/amdgpu_bl0/brightness (Control backlight-brightness)
  • meestic for rgb-leds
  • isw for fan-control (ec_sys has to be enable, the module is loaded by
    modprobe ec_sys write_support=1)

Kernel 5.18 is important for Wifi, otherwise some issues will occur loading the firmware at startup.

If you get many bluetooth-warnings from the kernel then temporary disable them with

dmesg -n 1

Then disable alle bluetooth-Modules at startup.

It seems that ec_sys was enabled by default in previous kernel-releases but somehow that stopped and that feature is only available in some debug-kernels. Anyway, i don’t care about that and if you’re sometimes use your notebook for browsing the web then it makes sense to lower the fan-noise with isw.