MSI Delta 15 under Debian Linux 11

Yes it’s possible! Using a MSI Delta 15 Notebook under Debian Linux.

The most works out of the box but some parts need a little work. Those parts are fan-control, rgb-keys and the backlight of the monitor.

In short terms:

  • Kernel 5.18, manually compiled with ec_sys enabled as module.
  • echo "100" > /sys/class/backlight/amdgpu_bl0/brightness (Control backlight-brightness)
  • meestic for rgb-leds
  • isw for fan-control (ec_sys has to be enable, the module is loaded by
    modprobe ec_sys write_support=1)

Kernel 5.18 is important for Wifi, otherwise some issues will occur loading the firmware at startup.

If you get many bluetooth-warnings from the kernel then temporary disable them with

dmesg -n 1

Then disable alle bluetooth-Modules at startup.

It seems that ec_sys was enabled by default in previous kernel-releases but somehow that stopped and that feature is only available in some debug-kernels. Anyway, i don’t care about that and if you’re sometimes use your notebook for browsing the web then it makes sense to lower the fan-noise with isw.


The Gantt-utility is just a tiny tool which generates Gantt-Charts based on simple text-files.

Currently there are no releases but soon they will be published on this site.

Bye firefox

Is there actually a worse web browser than Firefox-Mozilla? I hardly thought that it couldn’t get any worse and Firefox is already putting one on it with the next version.

On the one hand, the high version numbers are a sign of crooked development and, on the other hand, the browser patronizes you wherever it can, under the pretext of security.

Aside from memory consumption and profile clutter, it has numerous bugs, although it has to be admitted that it runs even worse on Microsoft Windows than on Linux.

Anyway, I’ve buried him now. I’m not fixated on any browser but Firefox doesn’t come into my house anymore.